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Play Money Poker

Play money poker is a very popular form of internet entertainment. There are a huge amount of play money poker players out there. All online poker rooms such as William Hill Poker offer play money poker, and there are countless more that play on places like Facebook and other popular internet sites.

There are different types of play money online poker players. Some are too young to play real money and therefore have to get their fix for now at the play money tables. Some simply do not have money to deposit. Some may not know how to get started playing real money. Some have lost money at the real money poker tables and are temporarily playing play money until they can get back into the game. Some may believe that real money poker is illegal in the area that they reside in, such as the United States, whether this is actually the case or not.

Among all of these people, there are two main things which drive them. The first is playing for entertainment, although for those of us who are accustomed to real money poker, this is hard to even imagine. The second main reason is to look to hone their poker skills in preparation for real money poker.

It's tough to question someone's being entertained by play money poker, since entertainment is a subjective thing really, although to be fair, many players have not experienced the huge difference in the level of excitement that real money poker offers, so that might explain it.

The thing is though is that real money poker is vastly superior not only because there is real money on the line, but even more so because real money poker is a test of skill, where play money poker really isn't. All you have to do in play money poker is to play less crazy than average, and you will do well. Some play money players give themselves big pats on the back for amassing huge play money bankrolls, yet their play has probably been atrocious, just less atrocious than the norm in these games.

So for those who are looking to use these all in with nothing fests to ready themselves for real money poker, this not only fails to prepare them at all, it actually is harmful. In play money, you can always receive another stack, so players will play super loose and carefree.

In comparison, even the smallest micro limit real money poker will have players guarding their pennies very closely, as they may be pennies but they are real pennies. So the level of tightness, especially these days, is extreme in real money compared to play money.

So now, instead of playing wide ranges and where reckless play is even rewarded, that style will get you killed in real money poker, where relatively tight players at play money are now ridiculously loose donkeys. So it's little wonder why new players at real money poker struggle so much, thinking their play money results and experience count for anything in the real world of poker.

Contrary to what some play money players think, you can get into real money poker with only a very small amount of money, usually around $20, and if you play your cards right, meaning playing the smallest stakes available, you can get quite a bit of mileage out of this small amount of money.

The mileage that I am speaking of here is experience playing real money poker, something you simply can't get at the play money tables, even with years of playing that format. If you aren't in a position right now to deposit a small amount to become introduced to real poker, you really should do so at the first opportunity.

Even if you don't have what it takes to become a winning player at the smallest stakes out there, and just about anyone can become a winning player at these stakes in time if they really set their mind to it, you will become a much better player playing real money poker than you ever will with play money.

Then, as time goes on, you will be able to beat the crap out of your friends, and perhaps in time even move up the stakes and make quite a bit of money playing online poker. You won't ever get their playing the play games though, and the sooner you get started with real money poker the better. Not only can you win real money, it's simply a lot more fun.